Accelerate Drug Development

Tapping into a flourishing database, Hekma connects sites available for clinical trials to pharma instantly
The Top 10 research institutions in the US alone support more than 22% of the global studies, leaving 100 of thousands of sites and millions of patients untapped. Hekma bridges that gap by partnering pharma with new sites, expanding their reach to a more diverse patient base and accelerating drug development
By expanding the scope of potential patients that pharma has access to, Hekma provides a vital solution, curtailing trial duration and cost over time

Connecting patient to pharma at wire speed

Improve future clinical trial design

Access to new Sites

Shortened time, Cost reduced

Early collaboration with Sites

Hekma Open Square​

Our Open Square is a marketplace for hospitals and pharma to connect privately and securely, enabling patients to participate in clinical trials globally. This marketplace is a groundbreaking platform designed to connect under-represented and diverse patients with eager pharma looking to conduct patient trials

Scan & Find

Hekma secure AI platform deployed @ Hospital


Patient2Trials and Trial2Patients, Hekma provides qualified patient profiles


Pharma gets intelligent insight about patients and new clinical sites

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