Trial Match – Chaos and complexity to clarity

Hekma helps clinical sites and hospitals access and explore a more diverse population of potential patients. This, in turn, generates greater precision in research and drug development for a more diverse patient community
Our comprehensive approach to clinical trials also serves to generate an additional source of revenue for hospitals
Hekma takes security, data privacy and compliance at the forefront of its solution. With our AI stack deployed at the hospital, patient data always stays @ the hospital and within the hospital’s network

Uncover more patients and diverse population

Machine driven intelligence securely delivered

Hekma pENG

Patient retention during clinical trials has a pivotal role in the success of a trial. The Hekma Trial Follow-Through program keeps the patients engaged from Onboarding to Completion, reducing drop-off rates and a proactive engagement

Our robust patient engagement process features a specialized software that keeps track of vital keynotes, giving patients an unprecedented level of control, security, and comfort

Monetize R&D investment

Our approach to clinical trials also serves as an additional source of revenue for hospitals. Hekma aids the development and acceleration of Electronic Health Records and helps save a ton on paperwork and data transfer.​

EHR2Insight accelerated