Overcoming The Problems with Clinical Trials

Complexity in health data and lack of Intelligent tools is driving costs in Clinical research and patient care

Trial Delay

More than 85% of clinical trials are delayed

Higher cost

Trial delays in the long run affect the profitability of drugs by reducing its patent window

Low Patient Participation​

Fewer than 5% of adults diagnosed with diseases participate in clinical trials

Racial Disparity

Minorities that are twice likely to get certain diseases and death rates in these communities are on the rise

Our Solution

Clinical Trial Open Square

Transform Pharma and Hospital engagement

1-click EHR Intel for Research

AI model catalog & novel insights

AI driven Trial Match

Uncover more patients and diverse population

Secure & Encrypted

Data stays within clinical site​

Under-represented Sites​

Connect with Pharma worldwide

Payment System

Simplified, Cashless​

Clinical Trial Open Square

We are developing one of a kind Clinical Trial Open Square that transforms Pharma and Hospital engagement. Our marketplace connects eligible patients to right trials worldwide. We unearth patients by analyzing millions of data points across their Electronic Health records and Patient Generated Health data, thereby shortening time spent sourcing for patients.

Democratize Trial Participation

Accelerate Clinical Research

Reduce Friction in Information Exchange

Patient-centric AI Models for Hospital Research

Medical knowledge is doubling every 73 days, yet we are barely scratching the surface of data utilization. Hekma AI powered solution platform transforms research institutions by turning innovation labs into commercial profit centers

Our AI model disease prediction catalog can transform health care by providing tremendous insight and early warning signals for disease prediction

We are currently focused on CNS diseases

Join our diverse network of creations and help transform lives.

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