Building A Bridge Between Under-Represented Sites & Eager Sponsors

Hekma Clinical Trial Open Square is an ever-expanding marketplace for clinical trials that reliably connects eligible Patients to Trials and tailored Trials to Patients. In our commitment to broadening the scope of Clinical Trials, we provide a global marketplace of patients and trials, and encourage data driven patient recruitment with pin point precision

In addition to inspiring comprehensive scientific pursuit, our Open Square platform, promotes symbiotic engagement that is mutually beneficial for our ecosystem of partners, bridging the divide between patient sourcing for Sponsors and Clinical Trials

The Perfect Breeding Ground for Effective Medical Research

Fortifying sites with state-of-the-art 1-click Hekma AI Platform for EHR To Insight accelerated and to monetize key R&D investments by providing a Catalog of disease prediction models

Hekma’s clinical and data driven ecosystem can identify early signals and bring precision medicine to patients. Leveraging our AI platform, research institutions can now accelerate the R&D on new and de-risked drug assets


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