Bring Patients Closer to Clinical Trials & Improve Outcome

Hekma is designed to monitor patients and digitize interaction while increasing medical engagement, engendering superior conditions for clinical trials and tests. Wearables and special devices encourage consistent patient monitoring, and greater digitized patient interaction
Hekma expedites the patient onboarding process. With adequate data digitized and ready-to- share at the push of a button, clinical trials are streamlined under more cost-effective conditions, allowing for increased trial rates and more precise results
Going above and beyond conventional practices, Hekma creates a digital global community of patients available for clinical trials from all walks of life. Now, the patient pool is constantly filled with willing participants, generating a valuable increase in the number of trials conducted. This, in turn, gives pharma’s the opportunity to select from a collection of ideal trial candidates and test under optimum conditions

Digitize Interaction​

Digital Community

Accelerate Onboarding

Human 360

Our process revolves around patients. With our Human 360 feature, we combine the power of artificial intelligence with a sharpened attention to detail to generate truly comprehensive patient medical histories for trial participants

A complete 360o patient profile build through data mining of EHR, PGHD and QoL using AI and Deep learning

Organizes fragmented EHR, Wearable and IOT data to track signs, symptoms, biomarkers, diagnosis, treatments and behavioral patterns for just in time critical decision making

With our Patient2Trials AI engine, you as a patient now readily have access to On-going Clinical Trials that are precisely matched based on your personalized Medical profile

To ensure the safety and precision of clinical trials, we deliver detailed chronicles of patient’s journeys and activity tracking. Insight data from wearable devices that closely monitor patient status points like heart rate and sleep patterns guarantee that subsequent Clinical Trials transpire under the most ideal conditions

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